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08th July 2024

Sea Outfalls Investigation Belfast Lough

Charting New Waters with Causeway Geotech on behalf of NI Water across Belfast Lough for the Sea Outfalls Investigation.

Sea Outfalls Investigation | Charting New Waters for GEDA!

We were thrilled to assist NI Water in development of appraisals for WwTW’s sea outfalls situated on the Belfast Lough.
A rig mobilised to the shoreline of Belfast Lough has completed surveys to support the design of potential replacement / upgrade of the existing sea outfalls, under the Living With Water in Belfast Plan.
Our team thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience, check out some of the impressive drone shots captured in our short video.
Thank you to the team at Causeway Geotech for their continued work on this contract along with RPS and our client NI Water.
For everyone involved on the project site, this location made for an interesting commute each morning!