How we work

We want to ensure that our impact on any community or green space we work in, is positive. We are under no illusions; construction work can often have a negative impact on both communities and the natural environment. We always strive to reduce these impacts and we work hard to look for economic opportunities, environmental improvement, and positive community engagement.


Our complex industry relies on people at every step of every project. We work hard to ensure all our projects have people’s best interests at its heart, offering prosperity and opportunities for as many as possible. GEDA strives to make a substantial effort to contribute to the local economy on every project we undertake.

  • We create direct and indirect job opportunities within the area surrounding each project
  • We place a strong emphasis on local employment and long-term skills development
  • Our procurement team communicates regularly with local suppliers and hosts regular supplier-engagement events, to share information about forthcoming opportunities.
  • We embrace apprenticeships and training schemes in the local areas we operate in


Our teams are committed to giving back to the communities in which they live and work. It is our duty as custodians of the land we’re improving, to strive to improve the community surrounding it. We want to make a positive contribution to the people involved in our projects and leave a lasting impression.

  • Our sites are registered with Considerate Contractor Scheme and score are above the industry average
  • We work with a number of localised charities and community groups. Our people regularly donate their time, energy and enthusiasm to support countless projects throughout the UK and Ireland.
  • Working with our housing clients we regularly host family fun days at the completion of new schemes.
  • To promote the importance of Health and Safety in the construction industry and the importance of preserving and protecting the environment we work and live in, we now deliver educational workshops at every project.


GEDA work hard to protect and enhance the environments in which we work and strive to minimise any adverse affects for the future. We seek to take time to understand the local environment, ensuring legislative compliance and creating positive outcomes for the future.

  • Our Biodiversity Initiative has been hugely successful and has now been rolled out to all our applicable sites
  • We are committed to reducing waste both on site and at our regional offices, re-using and recycling where possible, with the goal of sending zero waste to landfill. We are constantly seeking out new opportunities to reduce waste, through efficient design, constant review and careful management of our construction activities.
  • Our ‘GEDA Green’ Travel plan has already taken steps to reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency and reduce our carbon emissions.
  • We work with our supply chain to make sure they understand the importance of sustainability and their role in ensuring the materials we buy are procured in a responsible and ethical way
  • We work with our clients to ensure we assist them in reaching their own environmental and sustainability goals.