Anahorish Primary School, Toomebridge

Trustees of Anahorish Primary School
Project Description:
Construction of a new four classroom stand alone extension including new multi purpose gym and kitchen.
Design Team:
McAdam Design: M&E Consultants: FCM Partnership

The works were completed entirely within the live Anahorish PS site. Providing accommodation for 4 new classrooms, 2 resource rooms, a main hall, servery / kitchen, staff room, toilets and associated stores with a link corridor along with sectional refurbishment to the existing school.

Prior to commencement, existing NIE overhead lines were diverted, trees & shrubbery removed, drainage diverted and the existing mobile teaching accommodation demolished and relocated into temporary mobiles.

Carefully planned segregation during construction was fundamental to the successful and safe delivery of the works.

Construction commenced with the installation of piles, followed by the two storey steel frame which was infilled with a traditional cavity masonry and finished with render.

The multi-use hall was finished with acoustic ceiling & wall panels, with a lighting bar installed for future theatrical equipment.

Blending the old with the new, a connecting corridor was constructed and refurbishment of the existing area also required associated asbestos removal.