GEDA prove to be the Perfect Partner.

Achieving Excellence in Partnering is something that every construction company sets to realise in every project, and this was showcased by Geda Construction on the the Holywood Sewer Network upgrade. The project aimed to reduce the ongoing odour nuisance while also delivering environmental improvements and improving water in Belfast Lough coastal waters in the area of Holywood and Kinnegar, North Down.

The scope of works involved the construction of a dual foul and storm water PS and the construction of tunnelled sewers below key rail, road and gas infrastructure – hence the need to partner with a wide range of stakeholders. What ensured successful delivery of this project was Geda’s ability to maintain excellent relationships with NI

Water, designers, specialist sub-contractors and stakeholders while providing a collective and continual focus and commitment to deliver a high-quality project.

This project is reflective of the approach taken by Geda Construction to every job.