Leyland Road, Ballycastle

Radius Housing Association
Contract Duration:
19 Months
Project Description:
Construction of Houses & Appartments

The Project comprised of the construction of housing units on a vacant Greenfield site adjacent Leyland Road, Ballycastle, Co. Antrim. The works involved the reduction of existing site levels, formation of site levels, and construction of retaining structures, new site services and infrastructure, and construction of houses and appartment dwelling units complete with site works, landscaping, new adopted roads and footpaths with associated drainage and underground utility services.
The works required roads, footpaths and drainage to be constructed to full adoptable standards.
Other site works included driveways, retaining structures, fencing and boundary treatments of different types.
All houses were of masonry construction with external wall finishes comprising a combination of brick and render. The combination blending in with existing houses surrounding the new development.
Landscaping was provided and included communal open space areas, landscaping to boundary as well as private grassed front and rear gardens.