Holywood Sewer Network Improvements Project

Northern Ireland Water
Project Description:
Construction of a New Sewer Network and Pumping Station
Design Team:
Lead Designer: WYG Engineering (NI) Ltd
Gareth Heron - Northern Ireland Water

This project involves the construction of new interceptor sewers and a new pumping station that enables the closure of three combined sewer overflows known as Strathearn Court, Palace Barracks and Jacksons Road.  The new pumping station also intercepted existing foul sewage flows from the adjacent MOD facility and the nearby Belfast Harbour Estate and pump them to the Kinnegar WwTW for treatment.

A substantial proportion of the sewer construction work involves micro-tunnelling works below the Belfast to Bangor A2 dual carriageway, below and adjacent to the Belfast to Bangor railway line, below the high pressure gas transmission pipeline and within the perimeter of the gas facility site.