Blankney Crescent, Lincoln

Waterloo Housing Association
Contract Duration:
12 Months
Project Description:
Construction of 16 Affordable Timber Frame Houses
Design Team:
HLP Architects : HSP Consulting

This project included the construction of 16 Timber Frame houses, private access road, associated drainage and new footpath.
The site is located within a sustainable position for housing to meet local demand and in particular affordable housing. It sits on the main bus route into the city offering the opportunity to promote sustainable transport choices and connections to existing areas of employment, schools and other services and facilities.
The arrangement of properties along the frontage of Blankney Crescent would be largely consistent with the layout of properties elsewhere within the Ermine East Character Area, the character of which is for perimeter blocks. Two of the properties were in backland form, however their presence was not harmful to the prevailing character of the area. The properties have large overhanging eves and simple verge boards, and incorporate simple architectural expression utilising a mix of traditional and modern materials. They were constructed using red bricks and beige vertical cladding, slate grey window and door frames, and man made slate.
Geda had a great relationship with the local community throughout the project. Children from the local primary school painted the hoarding board displaying their passion, creativity and pride in their community.